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By Sheena M

I’ll be honest with you; I haven’t watched Kenyan television in a long time. The last Kenyan TV series I was hooked on was “Changing Times”. We all know how long ago that was.

I thought it was about time I gave Kenya another chance. While looking for what people watch today, I stumbled upon two extremely riveting series: “Stay” and “Skandalz Kibao”. Sadly, it turns out that I have already missed out on the first seasons of both programmes. The good news, for those of you in the same predicament as me, is they have both been renewed for Season 2!
Here is what you need to know about these two series:


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The vivacious Mkamzee Mwatela stars in “Stay” as Nubia – a black woman who falls in love with a white man named Shane. From what I could gather, Season 1 of “Stay” explored Nubia and Shane’s relationship and all the challenges they faced trying to have an interracial relationship in urban Nairobi. There was also the disapproving mother – in – law to deal with.

The sneak preview of Season 2 shows us that Nubia and Shane may have not survived all the hurdles thrown their way. Will love find a way to conquer all? The show’s return was set for August 2015 and it is not yet clear why it hasn’t returned. They did post an update on their Facebook page just last month; we shall all continue to wait with bated breath.

To see the Season 2 trailer for yourself, click here

The dynamic cast includes:
Jason Corder (aka the creator of “Stay”) as Shane
Gerald Langiri as Nico
Adelle Onyango as Blythe
Carol Dunlop as Phillipa de Rottweiler
Joed Ngaruiya as Kwame
Chris Kamau as Mzee
Kwame Nyong’o as Max
Kaz as Kirstin

Some of their new members include renowned actress Sarah Hassan and fashion blogger Franklin Saiyalel.

SkANdalS kibAo


This series takes a slightly different path from “Stay” (Read more emphasis on DRAMA).

One stag night packed with illicit drugs spirals out of control, leading to the death of the groom – to – be. His three friends panic and decide that they will replace their dead friend (John) with his doppelganger (Joe) a homeless man they spotted on TV. Quite conveniently, this homeless man has amnesia. And when he is offered the life of a rich man with a beautiful fiancée and three seemingly loyal friends, who is he to turn it down?

Directed by Ambrose Muindi, “Skandals Kibao” was first aired on August 2015. It is not showing currently but the team assured its fans via Twitter that they were taking a “…short break as we film more episodes”.

The main cast may have some familiar faces. It includes:
Lwanda Jawar as John/Joe
Janet Sision as Christine
George Mo as Maxwell
Vincent Mbaya as George
Avril as Karen
Bilal Wanjau as Kingsley
Muthoni Gathecha as Mama
Brenda Wairimu as Kiki

You can follow “Skandals Kibao” on Twitter to find out when they will return to your screens. I know I will!

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