Kill Game is Insanely Unimpressive for what it promises and Too much of a Cliché to Waste 118 Minutes Of Your Life

Come one lets figure out if this is familiar: Kill Game begins when six friends are once again reunited at a funeral, at their hometown of Grace Arbor, and they are grieving for their mutual acquaintance.

They bond over old memories, recollecting about their past filled with the shitty pranks they used to pull on the nerdy classmates. Kill game is just the typical ‘bullying and how karma comes back to bite you in the ass” theme, an account of a bunch of senseless assholes who relished playing horrifying shenanigans on other people in high school and end up being slaughtered off one by one.

It’s ugly things happening to ugly people, and it’s offered in the exact same way horror fans have seen innumerable times before.

At one time one victim is convinced that she has HIV after a blood transfusion, her mother was crushed on learning that, a school coach is blackmailed with evidence of underage sexual encounters.

There is no one in the cast that the viewer can root for and get captivated by the film to watch him/her struggle to survive. This mistake is a common problem among independent horror movies. The audience would be more interested to watch any other film that make efforts to create characters that worth watching in the first place.

There is nothing new or remarkable about this horror flick, the performances are fine, the sound mix is fine but the plot too cliché. Maybe indiscriminate horror fans will lookout for it but its’s totally unwatchable, if you get past 30 mins into it, kudos to you Sir/Madam!

It seems the creators just look for washed up stories that are commercially viable and just invest in it so that they make profits. No one will care about the film and no one will definitely remember Kill Game.

Rated 0.00001 out of 10

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