Kingsglaive is arguably 2016’s best fantasy film, with original special effects, a hero who becomes one unwittingly and a damsel in distress – whose life save’s the entire Kingdom.

Despite such a complicated story-line, Kingsglaive is a fresh fantasy flick that you will instantly come to like. Set in a fictional world of magic and science called Eos, two kingdoms (and Kings) are fighting each other for survival at the very start of the movie.

The fight is epic….something to watch in full 1080p glory….warriors fighting monsters and all sorts of trickery and team work in blood letting battles that seem to be never ending. It is against this backdrop that we are introduced to the main characters and slowly start to understand the strange world of Eos, with the kingdom of Lucis and the precious Crystal.

There are two noteworthy scenes in the entire movie that are works of pure movie art: the car chase scene, and, just to spoil a bit, the ring which burns everyone who wears it, and Nyx’s defiance and mockery of the gods, in line with his personality but faced with the ultimate fatal choice….will he wear the ring?

An awesome fantasy film, rated 8.5 out of 10, check out the absolutely awesome trailer below:



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