Lala Land,starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, smashed the 2017 Golden Globes awards, grabbing 7 wins and setting a new awards total collection record for a movie. The trailer looked boring enough, so how come it won? I sought to investigate by watching it.

Is it worth watching?

Apparently i can indeed confirm there was some real substance to this movie other than positive press and reviews. Lala Land has something called a defining moment…the whole story leads to just one moment and it is this moment, emotionally dramatic, inspiring, sad and tear inducing, that makes this movie a masterpiece.

The story is about a couple who meet in modern day Hollywood: the lady is an aspiring actress, dirt poor and sharing a room with her lady friends. Her new boyfriend is a jazz musician…actually you can call him a jazz artist….broken up with his former girlfriend and with his life in shambles, he has but one ridiculous dream: to save jazz from extinction.

A story about dreams

The story line, simple as it is, is well told, the focus being on these two characters. Even guest star John Legend does not take away the focus from their budding relationship. We follow them from the first date…to deciding to meet again…to the second date…until they are a couple…then they have to make decisions that affects each one of them. It is these decisions that lead to the defining of the movie.

The best thing i liked about Lala Land is that i could relate  a lot to the story…the chasing your dream even though they seem wild to everyone else other than you….seeing someone for the first time and your heart going wow…then the relationship…another good thing is they skipped on the sex completely yet you could sense it was extremely great…then the decisions….will they break up?

The music is not as great as the story

If you have ever seen ‘Music and Lyrics’ starring Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore you will completely fall in love Lala Land. It is basically the same movie redone in a 2016 twist and presented as a musical.

What doesn’t work for Lala Land is the musical part! Seriously…these guys can’t sing…and the guys when the movie is starting can’t dance! Their choreography is a total mess. The only part they get it right is when they do a ‘Dancing in the rain’ skit.

I absolutely adore this movie..and you know what? I’ll definitely watch it again.

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