Legion is arguably the best TV series of 2017. No question about it. No denying it. No comparison to other wannabe series. This is the one series you must watch this year.

What makes Legion better than any other series this year? Here are my top 10 reasons:

  1. The subject matter and star character David Haller is…well…mad. Certifiably so and to make it worse…..
  2. David has super powers. Imagine a mad man with super powers! The crazy things that he does are well beyond crazy. The madness is refreshing. The unpredictability keeps you on the edge of your seat with suspense until…
  3. He falls in love in the very first episode. The shot is perfect, a crazy guy in a mental hospital gazing at a guy drooling saliva sees a woman climb down some steps. Even before he can make her face out you can see his eyes lighten up, as she comes closer he cannot keep his eyes off her…she glances left and right, looking for a place for meds, and then looks straight ahead. Their eyes meet and it is inevitable: David is in love! And so is the audience.
  4. That first kiss. How many TV series have just ONE kiss nowadays? And what a kiss…they literally they thrown across the room just from the impact of their lips touching! Craziest kiss on TV
  5. The scene in the swimming pool is awesome. Does he believe ‘that voice’?
  6. Talk about a twist in the tale, does his new girlfriend even exist??? Check out the scene where the door opens and we see no legs, yet she has come in! Hint: She must be inside his head??
  7. The scene where everything goes mute….guys try to shout and no one hears anything! Weirdest scene I’ve scene in a TV series
  8. The technician who shares a body with his female side, who turns out to be a real physical female side. Crazy stuff.
  9. The colours. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THOSE COLOURS! Please, watch Legion in HD. Whoever created this TV series was told one thing: Paint It!
  10. And all these 9 reasons don’t count for much except for one very huge spoiler that makes this one a must see TV series: David is the son of Professor Charles Xavier, from the X-men! WHAT!?? Yes, believe me. Wait…how is that possible? Wait until they unravel his hidden past…and given the Days of Future Past compared to the timeline we see Legion, how do you reconcile the two? What did he do to bring about the Age of Apocalypse, last year’s X-men movie? This brings the ultimate question, what does Legion pose for the next X-men movie?

But i must say the pleasure of watching Legion is the originality of each episode, the feeling that each episode feels like a series final, the mid episode blackout that makes you wonder: wait, what just happened!?

A colourful, romantic, thought provoking, almost horror-like tale of a troubled young man who is deemed to be as powerful as a mutant god yet as un-reconciled as a boy in a man’s body makes for a perfect TV series.

PS: The underwhelming trailer shows episode 1 scenes only.

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