This incredible American crime drama, sci- fi and thriller series is a follow up of the film Limitless (2011) that starred the ever lovable Bradley Cooper. CBS picked up Limitless for a full season of 22 episodes, but the series is still fresh with only 14 episodes released so it’s easy to catch up on it and enjoy.

This is an amazing series that gives an excitement to the crime and drama genre lovers with its bits of sci-fi themes. This is a lovable story of an ordinary guy receiving a gift and he selflessly chooses to do good and not his own agenda, a hero you might say who always saves the day.

The show centers on an average 28-year old man, Brian Finch (Jake Mcdorman) a guy with no ambition at all, that gains the ability to use the full extent of his brain’s capabilities, and this is thanks to the mysterious wonder drug called NZT-48. It gives him full access to every neuron in his brain, giving him perfect recall of everything he has ever read, heard, or seen, making him the smartest man in the world for twelve hours before the drug wears off.

The FBI then hires him as a consultant having realized his usefulness due to a second drug to counteract NZT’s deadly side effects which was provided to him by U.S. Senator Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper). Finch is partnered with FBI agent Rebecca Harris (Jennifer Carpenter) who suspects that her father was using NZT before he was found dead, but at first Finch is only stuck behind a desk as an analyst, he uses his smarts and wits to escape and offer help to the agents in the field. This guy Finch has now to decide which path to follow because the only help Morra is unpredictable and seems keen to use every means to further his goals and ambitions which are not quite clear, the situation is tricky because Finch is tethered to Morra due to the counteract drug.

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