What if the there was a way to extract the best version of you?

Miles was once a happy man..he loved his job,his wife and had finally moved to the suburbs in hope of starting a family. 1,803 days later, we see how different things are on the ground 😢. His marriage is falling apart and his passion for work is no longer there. He seeks advice from his thriving co-worker who directs him to an unusual spa on the promise of a life changing experience.

The spa’s fee is a whooping $50,000. He cleans out his and his wife’s savings account and drives to what looks like a shady area out of town. He is received by two Chinese..maybe Korean men, pays for the services and is directed to a room. He then lies on a table while the men argue over their native language as he is about to undergo some type of ‘treatment’. Hours later,he digs himself out of a grave and runs half naked all the way to his house only to find a version of himself already there.

I loved the originality of this series. There are a few noticeable mistakes here and there but if you choose to ignore it,you’ll enjoy it.

Seasons; 1

Episodes; 8

Ratings; 7.5/10

Available on Netflix

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