X-men Apocalypse is about one man: Magneto

There, I’ve said it. Total spoiler 🙂 At the same time, i have always wanted to watch a magneto film, and this was the perfect story about a conflicted guy played by the magnificently talented Machael Fassbender.

If you haven’t watched X-Men Apocalypse on IMAX, stop reading and run to the cinema. Because you are missing out on some awesome special effects, a superb story and some really interesting super heroes you have never seen before.

Eric has become a new man, started a family and become a truly good guy, in line with the advice from the previous X-men given by his friend, Xavier. But some sad twist of events in life changes him back to Magneto reloaded, a man with a vengeance with 100 times the power. Despite all that, he steals show, a really well written & told story.

We also discover some truths about some stars: Why Xavier is bald in the future and has hair in the past, why beast was able control his power, why wolverine is….you have to watch to see!

The thing i like about x-men Apocalypse is that is re-invents the X-Men story from the very beginning, resurrecting stars we loved and having, for once, a happily ever after ending, with a clean slate for the next X-Men director to start the series afresh without confusing the audience.

I rate x-men apocalypse 9.5 out of 10 stars who must watch 3-D effects – you must watch this in 3-D.

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