March 2016 – New Shows

Hap and Leonard

Our March looks like this…

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.

  1. Hap and Leonard

What:  The show follows the characters Hap and Leonard created by novelist Joe R. Lansdale. The story will be told from Hap’s point of view.

When: 2nd March

Genre: Drama

  1. The Family

What: A politician’s young son returns home after being presumed dead for more than a decade. As the family welcomes him back with open arms, doubts start to crop up about where he has been and whether he is telling the truth.

When: Special premiere on 3rd March and then on 6th March afterwards.

Genre: Thriller

  1. Saints and Sinners

What: The show will follow the lives of members of a Southern Baptist church who seem to be more engrossed in the business of sinning rather than salvation.

When: 6th March

Genre: Drama

  1. Damien

What: Lovers of the horror genre will enjoy this. Damien is the follow-up to the successful “The Omen.” The story will follow a grown-up Damien Thorn, who is unaware of the satanic forces in his life.

When: 7th March

Genre: Horror

  1. Of Kings and Prophets

What: As the name suggests, the drama set in biblical times will follow the lives of a battle tested king, a powerful and bitter prophet and a young shepherd. Sounds like David, Samuel and Saul doesn’t’ it? But I could be wrong.

When: 8th March

Genre: Fantasy

  1. Underground

What: Set in the slave era, the show will follow a group of slaves who escape from a plantation in Georgia. There are bound to be tragic scenes from this show, as is expected from any film featuring slavery.

When: 9th March

Genre: Period Drama

  1. Crowded

What: Surprise! Surprise! It’s another comedy! The show focuses on parents who find themselves at a loss when their grown-up daughters decide to move back home.

When: 15th March

Genre: Comedy

  1. Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

What: The show is a spin-off of “Criminal Minds” currently airing its 11th season. The show will follow the same format of its parent show but instead of focusing on cases in America; they will focus on global cases. Think of it as a ‘doctors without borders’ situation. It sounds interesting. Here’s to hoping it lasts as long as Criminal Minds.

When: 16th March

Genre: Cop Procedural

  1. Heartbeat

What: Inspired by the book written by Kathy Magliato, the show will focus on the life and professional work of a heart transplant surgeon. It seems that “Grey’s Anatomy” has competition but that is not yet a concrete conclusion. We will just have to wait and see.

When: 22nd March

Genre: Medical Drama

  1. The Catch

What: If any of Shonda Rhimes’ TV shows are anything to go by, then this new show is set to be a winner just like most of Shonda’s shows. The story revolves around a fraud investigator who is about to become a victim of fraud.

When: 24th March

Genre: Thriller

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