Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger


One of the better productions of Marvel that i enjoy.

The collapse of an oil rig in New Orleans owned by the company Roxxon causes two teenagers to become unlikely friends. Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson come from vastly different backgrounds — Tandy, from a very wealthy upbringing, and Tyrone, a boy from Boston who has a stutter. As runaways, the two┬áteens are targeted by drug cartels on the streets of New York City. When circumstances help form a tight bond between the couple, their developing abilities and feelings make things more complicated.

I love Marvel productions. You’ll never catch me dead watching Luke Cage or Jessica Jones though, not that they are bad,i just can’t keep my eyes open while watching an episode of either.So back to topic, these two teens are faced with tragedy on the same day at the same time and are exposed to some superpower—classic marvel— but are unaware of it till they meet by what seems to be a coincidence and their powers are activated. Using their powers they try to figure out the circumstances that led to the tragedies that they faced on that fateful day.

I love the love-hate thing that goes on. You are never certain whether they will or they won’t. I love the strength that is often higher on Tandy’s end than it is on Tyrone’s. I hate that Tyrone had to be the cloak and Tandy the dagger–it triggers a racism thing in my head.These black americans have me seeing racism everywhere.I love the suspense created at the end of every episode. It has you thinking that it all started and ended so fast.I hate the ratings which under sell how much of a work of art this is. I know people say there are a lot of super hero series out there but this is not a super hero story, just two teens who went through too much too early in their lives and are trying to get through it…nothing super hero about that. If i were to choose a power between the two, i’d go for Tyrone’s. He can do much more than seeing people’s worst fears and helping them through them. Overall, I think its different and that’s what makes it amazing.

Seasons; 1

Episodes; 10–last episode aired yesterday night.

Status; Will be renewed for season 2. It will start airing in 2019.

Ratings; 7.0

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