Matt Damon is back in The Martian (2015)


New Look At Ridley Scott’s The Martian Touches Down

Meet the crew of the Ares 3 as they go through space conducting experiments and documenting their journey on their way to Mars. Get a glimpse of the various astronauts who crew the Hermes, the ship that makes up the Ares 3 mission. They’re shown in happier times as botanist Watney leads an introductory tour of the vessel and its team before they leave for Mars. Included here are Michael Pena as pilot Rick Martinez, Jessica Chastain as Commander Melissa Lewis, Sebastian Stan as Dr. Chris Beck, the flight surgeon, Aksel Hennie as German astronaut Aleks Vogel, and Kate Mara as computer expert Beth Johanssen.

The characters 

It’s helpful way to show the various characters, especially Watney. Damon appears to easily channel the personable, slightly sarcastic central figure from Andy Weir’s source novel that, after a catastrophic incident during the mission, is left for dead on the Red Planet, and must survive until a rescue ship arrives. Assuming one can even be sent.

Showing Nov 27, 2015

With Kristen Wiig, Jeff Daniels, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sean Bean and Donald Glover also aboard the film, The Martian will hit movie screens on November 27.



Source: Empire

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