Mr Church (starring Eddie Murphy) is not about Church. It’s more about what a good man does in his life: by giving his precious time to serve others. Charity always comes back home.

An emotionally dramatic film, Mr Church starts with the same sentence as it ends, making for a complete story about the incredible life of a certain African American man called Mr Church.

In fact the movie starts with arguably one of the most beautiful women on screen today, Natascha McElhone who plays Marie and is living with her very energetic and inquisitive daughter Charlotte (Britt Robertson). Her daughter tells her so!

My first impression was wow, this is like Felicity (the famous TV series). Indeed in a similar way here mother and daughter are both smart, love each other and have a great connection between them. There is just one thing wrong in this picture. Her dad had passed on, leaving behind a will and testament that a certain guy, a Mr. Church, take care of this family for only 6 months? Why six months? You can almost ask yourself loudly.

Throughout the movie we are presented with a premise without an immediate explanation leaving you always questioning why? Why is Marie sad…why¬†do they have a cook in the form of Mr Church? Why does Mr Church read so much? Why does Charlotte hate Mr Church?

When i was young i read all the books in the house. Started with a tale of two cities, to Mills and Boons, and Robert Ludlum books, to medical books, IT books, dictionaries, literally everything i could find, with the biggest book being Shogun by James Clavel, a 1000 pages book i read when i was in standard 8. So i easily relate with Charllote, a young girl who through the influence of Mr Church, reads all the books she can lay her hands on, plus reread the good ones.

Ahh..i miss those books.

Anyways, back to the review, Mr Church is a good family movie. It is more of a reality movie showing how you can fall in love with someone who eventually marries someone else, how cancer can destroy a family, how even the person you don’t think will ever help you turns out to be the one who saves your life. How giving back is so hard for some and so natural for some. How family is all you need.

I loved Mr Church, though be warned, it is a tears-inducing movie.

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