1.In My defense by Iggy Azalea

If you thought we have enough female rappers, think again..Iggy Is back. She sounds better, a little pissed but better. I can’t seem to put down her new album,In my defense. She is literally defending herself the entire album. She responds to the haters claiming that she is a Cardi wannabe forgetting that she came before her and paved the way in ‘Thanks I get’. She goes further to address the claims that she is trying to act black since she is a female white rapper and the black American community feels like she is ‘stealing’ their culture as rap is theirs in ‘Clap Back’.She is no longer apologetic as you hear in ‘started’ and proving she deserves to be in this game in ‘Spend it’.

I don’t like trap music but if it’ll be served like this, I officially have a new genre of music to listen to.

2. Thank you, Next by Ariana Grande.

This girl sounds better each time she releases an album. Sometimes, I wish all musicians were like her. After they release the first album it’s usually downhill for them. My favorites are; ‘break up with your girlfriend’, ‘bloodline’ and ‘bad idea’. The other songs are just as good..greater even, if you are comparing it to the ‘sweetner’ album, which, let’s be sincere, only had one good song.

3. No. 6 Collaborations project by Ed Sheeran.

Oh My God!! I love this guy!! I have been a fan of his albums but none ever stood out for me..until this one. The album is basically a collection of collaborations he has made with different artists, and boy is it great. From Khalid, Ella Mai, H.E.R, Chance the rapper, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Charles Stapleton, YEBBA and my man crush; Travis Scott…Every song is literally on repeat. I have favorites, however; I don’t want your money ft H.E.R, Antisocial ft Travis Scott and Cross me ft chance the rapper.

4. While we wait by Kehlani

This type of album is not for everybody. If you are a fan of this amazing 23-yr old then i recommend it. Its nothing like her ‘SweetSexySavage’ album which makes it all the more interesting. Its hearbreaking at some point to hear how hard she struggles with love just like the rest of us, and for that, i am sold!

5. D.N.A By The Backstreet Boys

If you grew up listening to their music, get yourself this album. I don’t get how after all this time, they managed to sound this great. Its nothing like in the 90s but its something. I love that they didn’t try to change their genre as ‘older’ musicians do to try and fit in. Its still Rnb, its still love, its still heartache and its still good. Well done guys!

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