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Music on Empire is just as dope as the series itself.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.

No one can argue that the Music on Empire is not great and since the second part of season 2 premieres tomorrow, I thought its time to remind ourselves of the series’ greatest hits. Here are ten Empire songs to get you psyched for its return.

  1. Drip Drop

It’s hard to forget the song that was among the first that the fans asked for at the end of the episode. It’s also hard to forget a scene that was for lack of a better word, sexy!

  1. Snitch B****

This song is memorable because it was the one of the songs that Luscious recorded while he was in prison, cementing his street cred with his hardcore fans and leaving the viewers wondering whether he was talking about Cookie.

  1. Ain’t About the Money

This song, of course, ended abruptly during the show when Hakeem and Jamal started fighting, but thankfully, the full version of the song was put up on Youtube. The song was a good reminder that the Lyons’ have not only money but power.

  1. No apologies

This song is one of those rare gems that is valuable because Luscious did not want Jamal to sing this song with Hakeem. What Luscious couldn’t see was that Jamal made the song better. It proved that when Jamal and Hakeem work together, magic happens.

  1. Bout to Blow

Not only did Timbaland make a cameo appearance to sing this song with Hakeem, but it was also the song Hakeem performed live on radio after he and his mother split from the family company.

  1. Boom, Boom, Boom

Luscious offered this song to Hakeem as a way to lure him back to Empire, but it didn’t work. Hakeem shoved the so-called ‘gift’ his father had given him back in his face and remained loyal to his business partner and mother. Of course, never the one to ignore an opportunity, Luscious turned right around and offered that same gift to Freda Gutz. Not cool Luscious! But you have to admit; the song is dope.

  1. Keep Your Money

Remember when Jamal told Luscious he did not want his money? This was the result of that rebellious phase. I think Jamal should rebel more often.

  1. Nothing to Lose

When Luscious and Jamal finally set aside their differences and made great music, it was an epic moment. At least, this song is a reminder that they once stood on common ground.

  1. Keep it Moving

Teana’s performance at the Teen Choice Awards with Hakeem was just the bomb! Enough said!

  1. You’re so beautiful

The Lyon family do not always agree. Actually, they don’t agree on anything, but in a rare moment in Season 1, the family got together and sung a song that Luscious wrote for Cookie. It was an ‘aww’ moment.


Live in the Moment

From the pilot episode performed by Hakeem and Jamal.

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