1.Queen by Nicki Minaj.

I love this woman. Did you see her interview with Stephen Colbert??She made up lyrics on a whim and made it a banger. i had judged her for lack of authenticity but she proved me wrong..that’s what makes a great rapper..right?Her Album features Lil Wayne, the Weeknd, alot of disses to Cardi B and so much more..My favorites are Barbie Dreams, I thought i knew you and Majesty.

2. Kamikaze by Eminem

I should have started with this but i’m too lazy to edit. Slim Shady is baaack! I melted when i saw his performance at the empire state building. I don’t know how many rappers of this day and age will be able to survive or rather stay relevant like Eminem has but i have mad respect for him.My favorite is Kamikaze and Stepping stones. I feel like i should warn you about the surplus of curse words in the lyrics just in case you are not into it.

3. Sweetener by Ariana Grande

Despite my feelings on the God is a woman song, her album is great. Not as great as ‘ Dangerous Woman’ but its good. She has an angelic voice and i feel like the album didn’t showcase her full potential this time round but its Ariana,she can sing trash and people will still buy it.

4. 8 Letters by Why Don’t We

Is it the other way around/ i am not sure. I was born in the 90s so boy bands are in my blood. This is one of my favorites right now. If you love(d) Backstreet boys you ought to get this one. They might be young but their voices are heavenly.

5. A by Usher

Yes, a few days ago, my all-time crush released an album and i am obsessed. He is amazing and sounds the same.Its different but i love that he changes with the times. My favorite is ‘you decide’ simply because i love it when he sings love songs.

6. Ella Mai- Ella Mai

Most people don’t know her name but know her from her hit song ‘boo’d up’. She has one of the clearest tones i’ve heard in a very long time. Its an rnb album so if you are not a fan of this genre, don’t get it. Its definitely worth a listen though. My favorite is ‘dangerous’..it pretty much describes me in a relationship, right before the ‘other shoe’ drops.

7. Secure by Stefflon Don

People usually know her by her deep toned, bad a** b**ch tone but not her name. You probably know her through her hit song ‘Hurtin’ me’ which features sean paul or ‘pretty girl’ which features Tiggs da author. I have no idea why i got the album in the first place but when i listened to it, i loved how surprised i was at how great of a rapper and lyricist she is. My favorite is ‘finesse’ coz i love a woman with attitude!

8. Sex and Cigarettes by Toni Braxton

Has this album hit yet? Good old fashioned Rnb died people, but this woman brings it back to life in her album. She does sound different but still amazing…so amazing i know each song word for word. My favorite is ‘long as i live’ because i still need to believe in love.

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