Travelers is a fast paced action movie with a poor start and a fantastic finish.

Created by Brad Wright, the writer and co-executive producer of the “The Outer Limits”, Travelers is really a detective series which turns into a science fiction drama and eventually ends up as a love story. The evolving nature of the series removes monotony and you find yourself engaged slowly into it until it encompasses your full attention.

The thing with travelers is that people disobey rules, despite the consequences, for the basic reason that they are human, each with his or her own thoughts and feelings. Yet, these rules have been put in place in this case, to save the world!

Can you imagine knowing Sport Pesa mega jackpot winning number for today and then going back in time to when people are still betting! Would you resist the temptation to bet, if you were told that *you* betting the jackpot will destroy the world and compromise your mission?? Nashuku 🙂

Did i mention the start is awful? It really does start sadly with someone dying 🙁

To be precise, the camera introduces us to this nice looking lady working inside the library called Marcy, ever so slightly we see her fragile nature in her eyes, her body language suggesting innocence and her speech shocks us once she speaks.

Then her boss walks out and asks her to close up once she finishes. You can see the shock on her face when she sees goons aggressively confronting her boss, and in a state of shock, rushes out to help. Instead of running, they turn on her, and that’s when we start to see a timer on her head, counting down as they rain blows on her, until finally….9….8…7…4…3…2..1..0 shes gone! what!??

She grabs her head and yells out the most hideous scream ever, scaring everyone off and suddenly she opens her eyes…you can sense something is different…and she just stands up and walks away!

I’ll not spoil everything other than say this announces ‘Travelers’, those chosen ones who come from the future to save the world at specific times to ensure certain events do not happen or make sure the events do happen.

The second victim is an FBI officer whose partner smells a rat but cannot put a finger on exactly what has just changed with his longtime partner. And so a team is formed, given a mission and the travelers start to engage you in their out-of-this-world-in-this-world missions.

The weird thing is that characters are introduced to us nicely, then they die suddenly with a timer on their heads that only we, the audience, can see counting down to their untimely death, and then they go through some really gross screaming session at the very same time, to finally be “replaced” by future characters who come to occupy the same human body!

The real life actors are magnificent in acting out this double role since i cannot think of even one character who disappoints the audience in playing a before ‘dead’ personality and after ‘travelled’ personality – like a old man in a young man’s body where we see the young guy before he dies and then afterwords the same young guy with an old soul from the future. Superb acting.

Some fun filled episodes include one where they actually save a girl who will turn out to be someone like Hillary Clinton, and they have a team tasked to make sure a future someone like Trump does not win the future elections when she grows up.

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