New Beginnings: Episode 25

New Beginnings

By Sheena M

We left off last week’s episode of New Beginnings with Randy trying to blackmail Catherine because he found out about her unusual sperm-collecting plans. It appears Catherine will be a difficult one to pin down though. She has too many people in her pocket.

I still don’t understand how Julia and Lexi are friends. Can’t Julia see that Lexi is after her husband? Or is she past the point of caring?

Dr Kimani continues to be the most entertaining character with his ‘Casanova’ tactics. But now that Randy has just found out about him and Natasha, we can only imagine what that unstable man (Randy) will do. The preview did show him threatening a gagged Dr Kimani. Oh! And let’s not forget he confesses his love to Natasha. Of course he loves Natasha! The plot has to thicken, right?

I am not surprised that an insight into Sean and Derek’s history showed that Sean was the selfish, manipulative and arrogant friend. No wonder Derek carries all that resentment towards Sean. It leaves you wondering, does he really love Julia or does he want her because she made Sean her first choice?

Let’s see what next week’s episode has to offer. That is besides Randy’s crazy antics and the secret link between Catherine and Sean’s psychologist.
And for future reference, it would do a lot of good if the camera angles gave us a better view of the character’s faces. That whole scene between Julia and Lexi at the bar left us unable to see their faces properly which meant we couldn’t read their facial expressions.

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