Yesterday’s episode of “New Beginnings” was yet another disastrous family event. With the kind of family drama surrounding Julia, it’s no surprise that little Jimmy’s birthday party was a disaster.

By Sheena M

The drama in “New Beginnings” continues to build up.

It all began with Randy standing outside the door of Sean’s house, trying and failing to let himself in. When he called Sean to find out why he couldn’t get in, he was informed that the locks had been changed. *Ouch* First his brother refused to pick him up then he locked him out of the house? Revenge served cold.

With the kind of family drama surrounding Julia, it’s no surprise that little Jimmy’s birthday party was a disaster. On that note, if we are being honest, that birthday party was really for the adults. Why else would you hold a child’s birthday party at night? And invite all your adult friends who clearly do not have any children?

Barbara is that competitive overachiever frenemy with whom you’re never sure where you stand. It is truly quite fitting that she is Alex’s wife. Trying to show such women that you are still standing through your troubles usually blows up in your face. Just like it did for Catherine and Julia.

The usual suspects were present at Jimmy’s birthday party. Randy, Sean, Allan, Lexi and of course, Derek, Catherine and Julia. Randy spent the night threatening Catherine because, let’s face it, the man is desperate for the money. Catherine was being the good mother – trying to save face for her darling daughter Julia. Sean was on the warpath about, well, everything. Derek was working on keeping the family he wanted intact. Allan and Julia were the ones who seemed to be caught in the crossfire. And Lexi – all Lexi wanted was Derek. The one man she could not have.

That heartfelt scene between Lexi and Sean pulled at my heartstrings. We know Lexi as our party girl, the one who does what she wants and is not afraid of being inappropriate. So seeing her being vulnerable was touching. It also reminded us that everyone has many sides to them. Everyone has desires. Lexi’s desire is truly to be with Derek. And now Sean knows about her affair with Derek.

Armed with such juicy information, Sean could not wait to let Derek know that he knew. He’s not handling this betrayal very well. I have a feeling that it will turn out badly if he keeps going this way.

The inevitable fight broke out at the party. Jimmy came just in time to hear Sean yell angrily, “I’m going to take Jimmy away from all of you!”


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