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New songs you need to listen to on Youtube.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.

Vanessa Mdee

Song: Niroge

If you’ve never heard of Vanessa Mdee aka Vee Money, then you should start by listening to her new song. The Tanzanian songstress and TV and Radio host is popularly known for being Tanzania’s first ever MTV VJ. Vee has a knack for creating music that is infused with African and a myriad of other aspects picked from other cultures. This makes her songs sound modern and yet still rooted in Africa. To understand her sound, it would be best to listen to her other songs especially “Hawajui,” “Nobody but me” and “Siri.” In the meantime, listen to her new song “Niroge”.

Rabbit feat Elani

Song: Baba

It is no secret that the group Elani has been in the news recently because of their outrage at MCSK’s handling of distribution of royalties. However, it is always good when you get a reminder of how good they are at their jobs. In this case, Elani lent their amazing vocals to Rabbit’s new song “Baba.” Rabbit aka King Kaka’s new song is dedicated to his late father. It is a musical letter of sorts much like DMX’s “I Miss You”. In the song, Rabbit talks about his strained relationship with his father and his own struggle to forgive him. He also talks about his hope of being a great father to his own children.

Naija Boys

Song: Justin Bieber – Sorry (African Remix)

The trend of reworking popular songs and making them African is not something new. Just last year, Dela made waves when she did the Kiswahili cover of Adele’s popular song “Hello.” This African remix is based on the Billboard topper “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, but it doesn’t seem to be an apology but rather a parody of what happens when a man’s girlfriend finds out he is cheating. He apologizes but still continues in his cheating ways. As if they knew their video would be offensive to some, the Naija boys put up a disclaimer at the beginning saying that they did not wish to offend anyone. Well, at least, they apologized in advance.

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