Humorous, satirical and tasteful are a few words to describe “Oh-Bama”.

Review by Sheena M

Jason Corder as Donald John
Mugambi Nthiga as Amani Gitau

Supporting cast includes:

Chichi Seii as Gakenia Muhoho
Ajuma Nasenyana as Rift Valley lady
Nini Wacera as Achieng’ (Obama’s “girlfriend”)
Pierra Makena as Pretty Lady

A clearly-conservative and what you might refer to as a red-blooded white man, called Donald John makes it his mission to prove that President Barack Obama is not American. His ultimate goal is to have Obama impeached before the end of his term. So the P.I travels to Kenya and with the help of Nairobi detective Amani Gitau, embarks on a journey to prove that Obama was born in Kenya.

Their investigation begins with a meeting with a female detective who says she has DNA evidence to prove that Obama was born in Kenya. It quickly transforms into a trip down a rabbit hole not quite unlike Alice’s. But let me not spoil the experience for you. Here is a trailer to whet your appetite.

“Oh-Bama” is something to watch if you are one who likes poking fun at conspiratory theories. To get you started, here is the first episode:

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