Barbershop The Next Cut (2016) Review

Barbershop Next Cut
The original Barbershop of 2002 was an original story about Calvin (Ice Cube) getting mixed up with loan sharks and losing and getting back...

Game of Thrones New Season Trailer and Photos

Bran - Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones is coming back in Season 6! Coming soon in just 2 months, HBO has released pictures of the new GOT giving...

One & Two (2015) Review

One & Two
One & Two is a 2015 American independent fantasy thriller film about two siblings who are “cursed” with special powers and they live in a rural setting seemingly cut...

Incorporated – TV Series Review

In the distance future, companies are in control of the world in such extremity that there becomes a distinct divide between the haves (green...

Team by Iggy Azalea Dance Video



Venom is a most venomous movie. When you hear the word Venom, you would think of the poison of a snake in the real...