By Sheena M

“Pendo” is a Kenyan TV series that first premièred in December 2014. They refer to themselves as one of Kenya’s telenovela’s – with all the drama in the plot alone, I agree with that assessment!

Here is a brief description of the plot outline.
“Pendo” follows Maria’s story when she returns home after a 5-year incarceration. She finds that she has been replaced as wife and mother of the home by Mwelu, her former house help. Maria also discovers that her daughter Siri is caught up in a struggle for survival while her teenage son, Kongo, has been banished to a children’s home. Maria sets off on a quest to restore her broken family and is obviously encumbered by challenges.

You would be forgiven, after reading that synopsis, if you expect to see Maria as the main character. In my opinion, the storyline focuses more on Sita than it does her mother.

The cast includes:
• Eddie Peter Gebhard as Sudi
• Stella Mungai as Pearl
• Lawryn Odhiambo as Mwelu
• Victoria Wakio Mzenge as Maria
• Ambrose Riziki as Sita
• Michael Marona as Ray
• Alex Kihayo as Alfonse
• Godfrey Matengo as Kirafa
• Daniel Bwakali as Ephatus
• Innocent Njuguna as Lema

Recap of This Week’s Episode (31st March 2016)

Pendo - Pearl
Madam Pearl: Photo courtesy of Facebook

Pearl continues to show that she has a lower moral standing compared to her husband. After all, was she not the one always championing Sudi to “fight dirty”? Do what he must to remain Senator? The fact that she expected to find Sudi with Sita at that restaurant exposes her persistent worries at the Sudi – Sita attraction. I can’t blame her.
Sita was so close to finding her child! If only she had not fallen for Mwelu’s lame lie about the crying child being the neighbour’s. And now that she was foolish enough to visit George in jail with a knife, the young woman has literally signed her death certificate. We all know George will do anything to get her out of the way.

On the other side of the coin, Mr Anderson (see what I did there?), is posing a threat to Ray’s relationship with Sita. Sita is being unfair, ignorant and even reckless if she refuses to see Ray’s point of view in this matter.
As a new viewer of “Pendo”, I am shocked beyond words to discover that Kirafa and Pearl were an item. Shocked beyond words. And now she has created more problems for herself and Sudi by antagonising Kirafa.

I was wondering how they (the show’s villains) were going to get Ray away from Sita to carry out their murderous plans. Calling Ray with a lead to finding the baby was an ingenious move. Still, I hope the plan fails. I don’t want Sita to die!

You can find out what happens next by watching “Pendo” every Wednesday from 8pm on NTV.

Why You Should Watch “Pendo”

Good acting – “Pendo” is one of the few Kenyan shows currently airing on TV where the actors do not look and feel as though they are following a script. I buy into all the romantic drama, espionage and evil acts completely. In their 2 and some years of production, “Pendo” has been nominated for “Best Drama TV Series” and won “Best Lead Actress in Drama” at the 2015 Kalasha Awards.

Engaging storyline – Political drama, child trafficking, crime and sordid affairs always make for great storylines. “Pendo” has managed to use all these and stay authentically Kenyan.

Good video quality – Need I say more?

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