Watching the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie Dead Men Tell No Tales felt like a fortunate mistake…

It was ok…I expected a lot more from it and the love story was kid of dry because we wanted to see more of Orlando Bloom on the Dutchman…but that being said…

Jack Sparrow was as impressive as always and so was barbosa…although he didnt need to sacrifice his life because we really do want to see him in the next one….if there is a next one.

It was also very brief concerning Jacks past and the score with the Spanish guy and the fat lady that Jack married…if they could have been more focused on that side of the story it would have been much more entertaining..viewers want More Sparrow!! and Less of the young turner and barbosa’s daughter.

Buuuuuut….all that said i didn’t fall asleep during the moview and i also didnt feel it was a waste of wifi data…so thats always a good thing….looking forward to another one…hopefully it will be more like Game of Thrones and have more Jack Sparrowness

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