Malcolm Bright is a criminal psychologist who helps the NYPD solve crimes. What is not known is his father (Michael Sheen) is a serial killer(24 women,that are known of) and he might’ve witnessed something right before he called the cops on him. His mother(played by the incredible Bellamy Young) might have been aware of his father’s extracurricular activities and assisted in covering them up.

Malcolm gets vivid night terrors from the night his father was arrested as his subconscious struggles to piece together the events prior to.He is forced to cuff and use a mouth-guard to ensure he does not harm himself while experiencing them. On many occasions,he is unable to sleep or barely sleeps and claims only a murder can help him to…which is not a good sign given who his father is.

A clue is revealed at the end of every episode as he tries different ways to trigger his memories.

The series gives me a Hannibal/Dexter vibe. Will he start killing too or won’t he? I hope he does…

Seasons; 1

Episodes; 5,will be complete with 22.

Ratings; 7.5/10

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