Awiti: Truphena! 50 minus 49?
Truphena: 1

By Sheena M

Binge – eating Truphena

Makena’s plan to get Michireti and Truphena back together still hasn’t caught. And now not only does she have to deal with a baby, Turu’s appetite has hit an all time high.
She’s even eating in the middle of the night!

Something good did come out of Truphena’s massive appetite: a business idea. She and Awiti decided to make mandazis for sale. All was fine and dandy until Awiti left Truphena with all the mandazis.

Awiti: Truphena! 50 minus 49?
Truphena: 1

Lover’s Quarrel

Michi is enjoying having an array of women. And rubbing it in Turu’s face while he’s at it. Evidently, being cheated on and lied to has not sat well with him at all. What started out as a lover’s spat has quickly escalated into something more spiteful.
He even made a snide remark to Makena about her sponsor. Who, by the way, is lagging on his payments. Why is it so hard to get a good sponsor these days?

Pay-up Time

After dodging Detective Juma for 2 episodes, Kaleyke and Tsipixi were finally cornered. Remember the deal they made with the Detective Juma after they were caught with Njuguna’s money? The time to pay up was here. Obviously they didn’t have the cash on hand. But I am still surprised that’s the job he gave them. The Detective is truly whipped!

Quote of the episode:

“Truphena: Michi ntakupiga Olomide wewe
  Michi: Ati Olomide
  Truphena: Kofi”

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