#TRHK EP 101

By Sheena M

This episode was an anticlimax for me. Maybe episode 100 was just too good to be matched. Everyone loves Awiti and it was great to have her back. But perhaps having her back made everyone else seem much more dull in comparison.

Here is a little recap of what I like to call the “Foiled Plans” episode.

Amina tried to have her cake and eat it. She hired Bryo to steal her money and Doc’s money back from Njuguna, offering him 5,000 for his services. Luckily for Njuguna (not so much for Amina aka MCA), Bryo decided to spare his “boy” and get more money out of the deal. So instead of stealing from him, Bryo struck a new deal with Njuguna where Njuguna got to keep most of his money and Bryo got an extra Ksh 5,000. Tough luck Madam Mheshimiwa.

Image Courtesy of #TRHK

Mama Sharon and Makena had a clever plan to get rid of Awiti. However, they underestimated her tenacity. They thought that by making Awiti believe that Mama Sharon was now broke, they would be rid of her completely. The thing is, in true Awiti fashion, Awiti decided that if her old boss could no longer afford her, then Makena was going to be her new boss.

Sweet innocent Matilda. She had no idea she was consorting with a wolf in sheep’s skin. That is, until the wolf shed the sheep’s skin and showed herself in her true colours. By insisting on reporting Njambi’s drug-peddling behaviour, she was unwittingly jeopardizing Amina as well. And there was no way Amina was going to let that happen. Of course a little threatening and choking was in order. Sometimes, it really is better to live and let live.

Lessons learnt from Ep 101:

• Never underestimate the goon you hire to do your dirty work. Even if he is just the “local goon”.
• Just because someone appears to be on the same side as you, it does not mean they are for you. Case in point: Matilda and Amina.

As always, feel free to watch the episode on “The Real House helps of Kawangware”’s YouTube channel. Or just click here for Part 1. Part 2 should be easy to find after that.

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