1. Tyrant Season 3

Welcome to the big bad world of Tyrant, where the stakes are high, sand dunes are aplenty and style is never lacking. With plenty of burning questions carrying over from the season 2 finale — did Jamal really die? Will Bassam act on his attraction to Daliyah? Might Ahmed step up to fill his father’s empty seat of power? — there’s the overarching plot point of whether Bassam will leave Abuddin or stay behind to successfully usher in a democracy should he assume the responsibilities of interim president. So much drama, am i right?

1 episode available. Episodes Released every Thursday.

    2.  Zoo Sn 2

Oh, how I’ve missed this show — so ridiculous; so confusing; so many elephants charging (and keeping pace with) luxury aircrafts.

That’s right, Zoo’s back for the summer, but save a few lingering memories of rosé-guzzling bears and all the lingering leopard stuff, it’s almost like season 1 never happened. Mentions of the mother cell? Minimal. Droopy pupils? Not one. That guy who ran with wolves? Long forgotten, thanks to some new, freakier dude who gnawed his own arm off and turned into a real-life Ser Robert Strong.

No, those are all discoveries of the past now, but they were still a part of creating the situation we find in the two-hour premiere of season 2: The animal apocalypse has descended upon D.C. and in order to save the world, the Animal Avengers have to get to Jamie in Canada (where she was revealed to have slept for three-ish months in the season 1 finale), because (to quote Abraham with a line you’re just really not going to hear anywhere else on television) “Our only option is the leopards.”

3 episodes Available. Episodes Released every Wednesday.

  3. Pretty Little Liars Sn 7

It’s been a long, hard three-month waiting on this series’ renewal. So much has changed in our real world since we last ran around with the liars. And yet in Rosewood, as always, time remained suspended, and we were left to wonder: What happened to Hanna? Why do we care about who killed Charlotte? What’s a Mary Drake? If Elliot’s real identity was a secret, why did he bother having a fake American accent? Why does A have a second initial now? Are we too old for this show?Oh well,whether or not we are, we can’t help but be a little too curious to find out what happens next…

3 episodes available. Episodes released every Wednesday.

4. Dark Matter Sn 2

The crew awakens to find themselves prisoners on the Hyperion-8 Maximum Security Galactic Detention Facility.

1 episode available. Episodes Released every Saturday.

5. Killjoys Sn 2

Good ol’ D’avin said it best early in the episode, “Missed you bastards!”Luckily for us, this is no green-goo induced dream and Killjoys is finally back for another run. I am thrilled we get to spend another season with this incredible cast and crew. I can’t even imagine not getting a third season, so I’m joining the #RenewKilljoys campaign early.I didn’t see the twists of Killjoys Season 2 Episode 1 coming, which is part of the fun.Let me start by saying I loved that this installment picked up right where we left off, and that we didn’t spend three episodes searching for D’avin. At just 10 episodes per season, there’s really no time to waste.While the tighter storytelling does away with any filler episodes, it also means the season will be over far too quickly.It’s better than a cancellation though,right?

1 episode available. Episodes Released every Saturday.

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