In six months, an enormous asteroid will collide with earth..what will you do? As a smart student who thinks you’re the first to discover this, you try to inform the government. You are only a mere citizen so you are dismissed. You decide to go to your idol, who happens to be one of the richest men in the world and the smartest to see if you have better luck and you do. To add icing to the cake, you end up teaming up to save humanity without letting them know.

Before we go any further, is it this easy to meet your idol in real life?Coz if it is, i could be be working on the next Avengers…I found that part unrealistic,but it’s only a tv show and we have 40 minutes to introduce the characters and build up a plot, so, let’s give them that.

Darius Tanz is more of a god than a smart mind here. Is it humanly possible to be the only person in the planet who can help save humanity?Maybe..Mark Zuckerberg did save us from our boring lives. Darius has an answer for everything, and if he doesn’t, he will find that out in the next episode.He reminds me of ‘Tony Stark’, the Iron man. That might explain why i love the show. There is this stigma created on-screen that smart people cannot relate well with others, or as Walter puts it in ‘scorpion’, their EQ (Emotional Quotient) is lower than that of normal people as their IQ is higher. This is not the case here. He does struggle to come to terms with his emotions, but he has them.

There is romance brewing for  Liam and Darius, for those of us who follow these things for the love stories. Liam’s comes sooner than Darius’, but be patient, the ‘wow’ moment is on the way.

We are in season 2 now and there is a solid plan in place but too many obstacles in the way of execution. Given how close the asteroid gets day by day, i hope we don’t die as they struggle to sort that out.

Seasons; 2

Episodes; Season 1 is complete with 12 episodes, Season 2 has 9 episodes, will  be complete with 13.

Rating; 7.0

Status; Might not be renewed.


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