Second Act” is a workplace comedy with Jennifer Lopez as Maya, a brand-new 40-year-old who gets passed over for a promotion at the Queens superstore she manages. The white guy (Dan Bucatinsky) who gets the job is a stooge with a Duke M.B.A. She has a G.E.D. Fortunately, her best work friend (Leah Remini) has a whiz-kid son who sends out a doctored résumé and cooks up a phony Facebook page that turns her into the mountain-climbing go-getter she swore she’d never be. But the bogusness wins her a corporate consulting gig competing to develop organic face gloop, anyway.

And people wonder why I prefer series to movies😒Nkt!

Apart from Jeniffer’s incredible features for her age, I’m afraid, there’s not much else left to see. I hate romantic comedies because they don’t make them like they used to.’When Harry met Sally’, ‘you’ve got mail’, ‘the back-up plan’,’maid in Manhattan’..these were the sh*t back in the day. They had you running back to your ex in tears, ready to make the relationship work. JLo was my go-to romcom character and when this movie came out, i couldn’t wait to see what she had cooked up. My sh. 1,000 worth of a ticket down the fudgin’ drain people 😭! What really took me over the edge was having Milo Ventimiglia (Jack, This is us) as her boyfriend. Don’t they know he is Mandy Moore’s (Rebecca, This is us) husband?? Did they take to account that we might think he is ‘tv cheating’ on her by kissing on Jenny?? And that whole daughter thing, felt like it came too early.

Was I waiting for her to meet another(better) man while she was working in corporate? yes, I was. Was I hoping she would last longer than she did before she confessed? hell yes!  Was there a moral lesson in the 1 hour 43mins? Please let me know, coz all i saw was a lady determined to show the world that street smart=book smart but didn’t get enough screen time to prove/see it through.

She tried though, given the script. It’s worth a watch esp if you don’t mind ‘meh’ type of movies.

Duration; 1hr 43mins

Ratings; 5.9/10

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