The Secret Life of Pets is a no brainer…pets have a life! I mean what does a dog do when the owner leaves the house? hmmm…sit all day watching the door? talk (bark) to the next door female dog? hmm…i wonder what pets do?

Secret Life of Pets
Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets exposes the hidden life of pets in more creative ways than you could ever imagine. Meet max, a small dog with a dedicated dog lover owner who brings home duke, a big fluffy dog who wants everything for himself.

Suffice it say the two dogs don’t get along with each other well…until they find themselves entangled in a nasty fight by a very nasty rabbit – the undisputed star of the movie.


I wont spoil it for you…check the Secret Life of Pets out and let us know what you *feel* at the end!

Rated 9.5 out of 10 for incredible animation, great story and a star rabbit!

PS: The Illumination logo with a minion at the beginning of the movie is AMAZING!!!!!


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