SENSE8 Season One Review (must watch series that is distinct from any other sci fi ever made)

Review by Kuri James

Sense 8
Sense 8
This is a show with diversity, a show with ambition, likable characters. You will love “Sense8.” And you will 100 percent be interested in seeing what happens next.

So what if a more literal form of compassion could be activated in eight entities around the planet other than the one you have for your family, your community … who suddenly became mentally aware of each other, able to interconnect as directly as if they were in the same room. How would they respond? What would they do? … What does it mean? And what would the world think about people with this capability?

Some of the scenarios are almost irrational, but the different and diverse characters and the creative connections between their stories keep the Sense8 captivating. The story is so good it sank into fans and it was accepted wholly (a series you should definitely look for, watch and enjoy) it is reported that the show had been pirated more than half a million times, less than three days after its premiere.

Eight strangers, living very unalike lives in very different places all around the world, find themselves suddenly connected together. While living their everyday lives, they suddenly have a vision of the violent death of a woman called Angelica and discover that they are ‘sensates’: otherwise ordinary humans who are mentally and emotionally connected and who are able to communicate, sense and use each other’s understanding, language and expertise. While trying to live their lives and figure out how and why this connection has happened and what it means, they are assisted by another sensate, Jonas, who is trying to shield them from “Whispers” , another sensate, who is similarly sanctioned and is hunting them down by tapping into their mental linkage

Unlike other sci fi shows Sense8 seeks to explore subjects that traditionally have not been highlighted to date, such as politics, individuality, sexuality, gender and belief.

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