Shades of Blue


“Shades of Blue” is masquerading as a whole new cop drama but it is not!

Shades of Blue, more like shades of worn-out story! The story “Blue” is trying to tell has been told so many times, there isn’t a single angle they could try that hasn’t been done before. We have watched this over told story unfold in different cities (“Chicago P.D,” “Shield”) and we have even watched it unfold in different departments (“Chicago Fire,” “Chicago Med”). I mean what is “Shades of Blue” going to tell us that Chicago hasn’t covered already? What this show offers, is a different cast but with the same story.

Just by watching the first episode, you will see the cracks that already permeate the glossy surface of this so-called new show.  Allow me to explain, Jennifer Lopez has always been a phenomenal musician, but she has never been a phenomenal actress. Can she act, yes! Can she stand shoulder to shoulder with Viola Davis and hold her ground, I’m afraid not! And that’s the difference between great TV and mediocre TV. Here is the thing about recycling old storylines, you need to have a great cast and in that one instance, “Shades of Blue” has not given me hope. Another thing that brings this show down is that it is not as interesting as its counterparts. Look, there is nothing new under the sun, so eventually people are going to have to tell old stories in a new way but it has to be interesting and captivating and “Shades of Blue” is not.

In the show’s defence, it has tried to bring a female character who is a mother to the fore-front of this corrupt-cop drama, but otherwise, there’s nothing new.


  1. Should you watch this? Not really
  2. Is it a great show? Average is the best I can give it.
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