I have been offline for a long time, have i? This is not because of dimished love of movies, on the contrary it is because i am in a remote location with no IMAX or Cinema, and a very slim and modified version of netflix and amazon movies. Life is not good, especially with all the blockbusters i have misssed.

By some chance i landed upon this gem of a movie called Sleight, a 2017 african american themed film about a young street magician called Bo (Jacob Latimore) who can do some really amazing tricks, some of which seem unreal, until slowly the movie reveals his secret in a classy and masterful way you don’t even notice the magician’s mantra: never reveal the secret behind your trick.

In fact (in the movie fact), his true passion and calling to magic is inspired when he interacts with a magician as a kid who would take a knife and put it through his hand without any bleeding or visible cut. It seemed unreal for a 5 year old, so much so he asked the magician the trick behind the magic. The secret shocked him: the guy cut a hole in his hand with a knife and let it heal, but leaving a gap for a knife to pass painlessely. He would then put some makeup over the cut to make it disappear and every time he did the trick, the knife actually went through the hand!! Truly amazing.

That is not even the core of the story. Bo is an orphan, left to take care of his little sister, with only two things giving him money: selling drugs parttime and his street magic. That drugs part is the bit that gives the movie life, creating a plot between him, his new found girlfriend and a drug lord who is merciless and yet a gentleman at the same time.

Bo’s character is like a kid version of Earn (star of the acclaimed Atlanta TV Series) with some super powers. He delivers an unbelievable story in a believable way.

This movie is a must watch if you yet haven’t watched it.

Now that i’ve been silent for so long, which movies have you been enjoying to watch? Let me know on our facebook page.

PS: Seychelle Gabriel is beautiful in her supporting actress role as Molly, Bo’s girl. And the finale of the movie….only one word to describe it: what-the???????

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