Slow Horses Season 2


‘Slow Horses’ in its second season retains all the charm of the previous season and honestly goes a bit further too. This season’s plot is new, and after establishing all of the dramatis personae in the previous season, it now advances at a rapid speed. This time, the plot is more current and geared toward Russian spies and sleeper operatives. Based on the two episodes made available by the streaming platform, there is every possibility that the remaining four episodes will pack a punch and provide yet another entertaining viewing experience. This season will take you back to the era of the Cold War, when Russian spies posed a severe threat to the Western alliance. ‘Cicadas’ or ‘Russian sleeper agents are Jackson Lamb’s latest headache.

When a former British agent is discovered dead in a bus, Jackson Lamb’s team jumps into action. River Cartwright, ever eager to prove himself, immerses himself into the investigation to discover the identity of the person responsible for the killing, which Slough House believes was a murder. Simultaneously, James Webb, an agent from Regent’s Park headquarters, seeks Min Harper and Louisa’s help in investigating another case involving Russians. Meanwhile, Lamb contacts a seasoned Russian spy, now a defector, who is familiar with sleeper spies in the UK. Cartwright somehow manages to decipher the Russian agent who murdered the British spy but is unable to apprehend the man.

‘Slow Horses,’ currently the finest espionage series on streaming, appears to be in full swing now that the characters are fully established. With his dishevelled look and cynical attitude, Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb remains as sardonic and ridiculous as ever. River Cartwright’s drive to prove that MI5’s Regent’s Park headquarters is his proper workplace, and Diana Taverner, Deputy Director of MI5, striving for any chance to denigrate Lamb and again establish that Slough House is the best location for him – are all heightened this season. This season does not waste any minute in getting to business. The events of the first episode come thick and fast, and Slough House and Regent’s Park are thrown into the mix.

This series, now in its second season, has lost none of its lustre and has only become better. The superb script lifts this spy thriller and elevates it above the competition. This is an espionage show that should not be missed.

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