Stag Hunt 2015 Movie Review

Review by Kuri James

Stag Hunt
Stag Hunt
Stag Hunt is about a stag weekend that goes extremely wrong when the boys ascertain they aren’t alone…plus they find themselves being hunted down – one by one..

Stag hunt is a 2015 film directed by James Shanks and written by both James and Neil Craske

Stag weekend definition: refers to an only male social event mostly prior to a man’s marriage, typically this is the best opportunity to get drunk intake drugs and do nasty stuff along your buddy before he gets married. (Bachelor party more or else).

Pete Hutchinson speedily arranges one final memorable moment, a weekend trek across the imposing peaks of Dartmoor in a ill-advised attempt to rejoice his best friend Spencer Hartley’s forthcoming wedding and later departure, they drag both Andy Bossoms Spencer’s soon-to-be brother-in-law and their flat mate Jason Howard with them for a spot of farewell male bonding, (sounds kinda wrong *no homo*) binge drinking and adventure – the ultimate Stag party.

Unknown to them they are not alone. (Kweli kutojua ni usiku wa giza). Local folklores of a creature roaming the land are all too chillingly true and once they realize it, tempers start to flare, old enmities come to the fore and, thanks to Pete’s lack of organization (the one you rely on, funny how he is the most unreliable), their planned route is involuntary altered sending them off the path and deeper into the hills.

Using what resources they have with them, the four men can only defend themselves from the beast whose territory they have drifted into. But who will survive..?

Having said all that, horror fans so sorry I’d definitely categorize Stag Hunt more as a comedy than a horror flick. The acting is quite good the cinematography though is not that impressive, but surely that is to be expected of a low budget film. Go on and give it a try.

Rated 6 out of 10.

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