If you think you are going through something crazy, there are people who will think you are crazy – they will never believe you. And on the flip side there are those rare ones who will genuinely believe in you. That is the essence of Stranger than Fiction.

Harold is an ordinary guy. He wakes up in the morning, has a shower, brushes his teeth, puts on a suit, walks to bus stop and off to work and, in the evening comes back home, sleeps and starts over again. Well, he is a bit more than ordinary: he wakes up at an exact time set on his watch, he brushes his teeth 72 times and walks a fixed number of steps to the bus stop where he catches the exact same bus every working day.

That might seem odd, but what makes this movie interesting is that in the beginning it starts off with a voice – the narrator – talking about Harold and what he is doing and why he does it. Just like a normal Hollywood movie. Then on a Wednesday, something goes terribly wrong for Harold. As he wakes up, he HEARS the narrators voice!

After a moment he thinks he is crazy and brushes it off….but the narrator continues. He has to ask his colleagues if they hear the voice…no one does…so off to to see the psychiatrist…who genuine determines his case as Schizophrenia…and asks him to take medicines. Harold ponders the thought, but he know he is okay, their is just a voice narrating his life….like a movie narrator!

A piece of advise and insightful thought sends him to seek advise from a renowned author and professor on writing……then starts the movie that will engross your mind and entertain you, with a lot of suspense and actually a love story in between.

Even though the movie is stranger than fiction, especially the mid to ending part, it has motivated me to start living life to the fullest, and maybe start writing fiction……but now i have to wonder, what do i do with my characters???

Rated 9 out of 10 for being such an awesome hidden gem. Must watch for those who love a slow good story, drama and suspense.

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