Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine is a documentary film about Steve Jobs directed, written produced and narrated by Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney (Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief). After a few festival showings, the film was released to the Internet on September 4, 2015 and in limited release to theaters on September 19, 2015.

Gibney pulls no punches in his portrayal of Apple founder Steve Jobs and his legacy. This investigative and unwavering look at the life and aftermath of the bold, brilliant and at times ruthless revolutionary explores what accounted for the grief of so many when he died.

This documentary brings something more to the table than the biography done on Jobs in 2013 and the many articles about him over the years, there is something gripping that leads to cementing the understanding on who really was Steve Jobs on a personal level and this possible through seeing and hearing this story on screen.

Steve Jobs clearly lacked the single bit of people skills and had a general contempt for humanity, he was a man that had disconnected to those around him and was too much absorbed with his ambitions, it reached a point that he blatantly denied his own flesh and blood (his daughter) setting up a rough and rocky relationship between himself, his daughter and her mother.

The most unfortunate reaction of viewers to this documentary would be that it is a film to defame the former Apple co-founder, but believe you me it is not, he is merited a lot for his achievements and struggles he endured to innovate and create a device that would be loved and generate a cult following, for the product and the man himself Steve Jobs. This film manages to severely scrutinize and dismantle that said cult following on the man.

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