Suits Season 5 Finale is a gamechanger

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka

The Season 5 finale ended with Mike walking into prison while Harvey watched. Before that, he decided against marrying Rachael and instead asked her to get her degree and fulfil her dream of being a lawyer.  Elsewhere, Jessica, Louis and Donna walked into an empty office. Every employee had jumped ship. Opinions are divided as to whether this was the right move. I, however, feel like that was the right move. We all knew how the Mike ‘not being a lawyer’ story was going to end. They and by extension, we, have been winning for 5 Seasons that we began to believe we were invincible. You can read the producer’s interview here.

In the meantime, here’s what we expect in Season 6. (All this is speculation. However, we won’t put it past the producers to shock us come next season.)

  1. Mike In Prison

Perhaps the biggest storyline of the Season will focus on Mike Ross adjusting to his prison life. There is no way it will be an easy adjustment. We’ve watched enough movies and shows to know that no one goes to prison and comes out unscathed.  If we are to interpret Gloria’s appearance in the last episode warning both Mike and Harvey that he (Mike) won’t be able to survive in prison, I would call that foreshadowing.

  1. Starting Over.

At this point, every character we know is starting over, but the company we have known since the beginning has no employees left. We already know from the interview above that Season 6 will start the evening Mike went to jail, so we expect to witness Jessica, Harvey and Louis trying to deal with what has happened. Because of the Mike fiasco and the loophole in their non-compete clause, every lawyer at the firm has left with their clients. So not only do they need new employees but they need clients or find a way to get the clients they had back. Either way, it won’t be easy.

  1. New Characters

New characters mean new perspectives. Since the season will focus on Mike in prison and the law firm rebuilding or not, we expect to see more new characters either as clients or as Mike’s prison mates.

  1. Different Storyline

Before you panic, I don’t expect “Suits” to come back totally different, but some things are going to change. It won’t be a case of the week show in the beginning. That would be hard to do since their law firm is just a name. In the first episodes of Season 6, I expect we will be focusing more on rebuilding rather than fighting to stay alive. Since Season 1 they have been fighting and winning but this time, they have lost the war. They are going to have to deal with the aftermath. In addition to that, Mike and Harvey are not a team anymore. They are still friends, but they’re not working together (at least not in the way we are used to.) Everything has changed.

  1. Are we still friends?

I expect Season 6 will focus on each of the main characters in the aftermath of the nuclear explosion that shattered their lives. As I said, we expect that they will start rebuilding the company, but that is a very big maybe. It is also plausible that they might decide to go their separate ways and rebuild elsewhere. The most important pillars of their lives have been knocked down, -Mike and the firm – each of the characters will need to re-evaluate. How will Rachael cope with losing Mike? How can they rebuild the firm and still have credibility when the whole world knows they hired a fraud? Are their friendships based on more than just the firm and can they survive? These are important questions.

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