Have you ever been 30,000 feet in the air, seated in a comfortable plane and just a few minutes after takeoff the plane starts shaking and everyone is told to brace themselves for impact? That’s when you as a passenger you really start praying, but even more important, what is happening with the pilot and the plane at that crucial moment?

Sully is a dramatic true story depiction of the actions of  Capt. Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger who upon taking off a plane with a routine flight plan from New York to Charlotte, was faced with an incredible situation. A flock of birds hit both his engines and both engines failed while he was still above New York city. What to do??

Sully’s role is played by the ever smart Tom Hanks, who managed to fly a plane that was literally doomed the moment the birds struck the engines, and land the plane in the middle of a river, without a single loss of life!

Famously called the “Miracle of the Hudson”, this was an act of bravery and courage that saved countless lives, both on the plane and on the ground.

The movie stays very close to the actual true story even at times using the same words the actual captain used.

A must watch, sally is rated 8 put of 10.

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