Nothing beats listening to great gospel songs on a Sunday morning.

By Mumbua Nzula Nzyoka.
Whether you are getting ready to go to church or just hanging out with your family, good music is a great way to start the day. Here are 10 gospel songs that will soothe your soul and get you in an appreciative and loving spirit.

1. I am They – No longer slaves
This song is just a simple reminder of how great the love of God is and that loving Him can help us conquer all our fears.

2. NeedToBreathe – Multiplied
The folk sound of this worship song will simply have your soul soaring and the simple lyrics will have you singing along in no time.

3. Plumb – Exhale
In case you are feeling a little down and need some uplifting, this is the song for you. Plumb is simply reminding you that the love of God surrounds all of us and that all you have to do is surrender and breathe in His grace.

4. Hillsong United – No other name/Oceans
Hillsong United are the definition of worship. They just have a way of making the act of praise and worship simple.

Watch the video Here

5. Whitney Houston – I look to you
Although Whitney Houston is not known for singing Gospel, this song was without a doubt one of her strongest songs. The fact that it was also a gospel song is just the cherry on top.

6. Kirk Franklin – Wanna Happy
You can always trust Kirk Franklin to make you happy while praising the Lord. “If you wanna be happy, don’t you wanna be happy.” Indeed. Preach Kirk!

7. Travis Greene – Intentional
Travis is telling you that all things are working for your good. Everything that happens is intentional so praise the Lord because He is working for your good.

8. Darey – Pray for me feat Soweto Gospel Choir
Amid the great Afro beats and harmonious sound of the Soweto Gospel Choir, this is a story about overcoming fear and obstacles in order to chase your dreams.

9. Michelle Williams – Say Yes
The Destiny’s Child reunion that gave us a great gospel song. This one will get you dancing because when “Jesus say Yes, nobody can say No.” *Dances*

10. The Walls Group – Perfect People
“This song is for you.”

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