By Sheena M

Even on a good day, I don’t like Willy Paul.

It’s just one of those things; there’s no concrete reason for my dislike. It just is. All the same, when I saw “Take it Slow” on my YouTube feed, I gave this video a chance. Mostly because of Sauti Sol.

The song is nowhere near revolutionary but it has a catchy tune. The blend of Savara’s and Willy’s voices in the verse creates a melody that is pleasing to the ears. And it could not be a proper Sauti Sol collaboration without Fancy Fingers’ signature guitar riffs!

In the “Take it Slow” video, the shots flip from Willy outside with a nice car and a pretty lady to the 5 men dancing around in a room, then dancing outside on what looks like a verandah and finally, dancing in a basement parking lot. There are different scenes amidst those that tell the story that, I suppose, is behind the song. As always, Sauti Sol are well-dressed. I just realised that I barely noticed what Willy Paul was wearing! Oops! I was too busy admiring those African print blazers Sauti Sol had on.

The video’s brief back story appears easy to follow at first until you get to the murky end. What happened to the battered woman? Did she get pregnant? Lose her baby? What was the news that had her running out down hospital corridors in a frenzy?

My verdict: “Take it Slow” may be featuring Sauti Sol but they definitely outshone Willy Paul in his video. L

Don’t take my word for it, watch the video for yourself here.

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