According to, for the “haters,” who said “Empire” wasn’t good because of how it centers homosexuality, Golden Globe winner Taraji P. Henson has a few choice words:

“That’s nonsense and its fear,” she said. “The numbers speak for themselves. We just ignore it. People are dealing with this. It’s not a joke. That’s why it’s in the script. People are struggling with this.”

“But we’re always going to have haters,” she continued. “Here’s to all my haters. I’ll send you cookies.”

The most satisfying moment of the 73rd annual Golden Globes was Taraji P. Henson’s Best Actress in a TV Drama win for her portrayal of Cookie Lyon on Empire. Henson is ferocious in that role — it’s equal parts strength and damage. It’s impossible to think of any other actress being able to pull off what Henson is doing.

Henson’s success in playing Cookie is also a testament to the growing diversity in television and perhaps the lack of roles for black women in the movie business. On television, Henson, How to Get Away With Murder‘s Viola Davis, and Scandal‘s Kerry Washington have not only thrived, they’ve been recognized on the award circuit for their success. This comes in contrast to film, where the Oscars, last year, didn’t nominate a single person of color in the top four acting categories.

 Henson made a slight reference to that imbalance in her acceptance speech, as she talked about the roles she’s played in the past and how she’s only being recognized now. Then the “wrap it up” music began to swell, as the Golden Globes tried to play her off.

“I’ve waited 20 years for this, don’t tell me to wrap it up,” Henson said, commanding the stage. “You’re gonna wait!”

It almost doesn’t matter what Henson said after that (she thanked her co-stars and the show’s crew). She’d already won the night.

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