Ben Aflek did an awesome movie in Batman Vs Superman earlier this year, but he also found time to make another action filled movie called The Accountant. Will he be able to bring life to the drab life called accounting?

We all know accountants are bean counters – marketers sell the beans, accountants count the money made, investors get rich. ┬áIn the accountant, we are introduced to two little brothers whose lives are…can we say…real? One kid is silent, smart and doesn’t do anything to rattle people. The other kid has a high functioning form of autism and he is all over the house smashing things especially when he can’t get his fix: finishing a puzzle. Which one would you guess would become an accountant? and which one looks psychotic enough to become an assassin? The movie will surprise you.

The core of the story of course is a set of accounts the accountant is given to audit. Of course smart crooks give this guy that job and he seems to be in demand. And he actually does a plausible job of reading through all the general ledger transactions and reconstructing the accounts in his own style eventually figuring out how cash was moving out of the business. Unfortunately he is not allowed to finish his audit after presenting preliminary findings, meaning that all hell breaks loose ending up.

A good movie generally but on the whole it feels as if sometimes you are watching batman leading the Bruce Wayne life with a few personality flaws of his own but the same old fighting styles we are used to.

The best part in the movie is when the brothers try to assassinate each other. Super action scene.

Entertain yourself this Christmas with The Accountant, a must watch action movie starring Ben Aflek and Anna Kendrick.



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