Are you bored with Cliche movies and series? This one is for you. It takes you into a whole other world that you’re sure is impossible to pull-off as a series but when you can’t tell that that episode is over and quickly move to the next and the one after that,oh well, guess its possible. There’s glamour, drama, thriller and action;all the elements to keep you hooked.

Graham Connor(Christian Cooke), is an Iraq war veteran who began trafficking in stolen artifacts, and now in roundabout fashion has parlayed that into a junior position at Parke-Mason, a high-class auction house. Cocky and eager to advance, he’s courting a billionaire real-estate tycoon (Quaid), who possesses an art collection the size of his ego and lecherous appetites. Still, Graham isn’t the only suitor, as he faces equally ambitious competition from Roxana Whitman, who works for a rival auction house.

Season 1 is complete with 10 eps.


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