The Boy 2016 is a supernatural thriller that will compel you with the appetite to watch more, despite its scary tale and twists

The Boy is a 2016 American-Chinese-Canadian psychological horror film directed by William Brent Bell and written by Stacey Menear.

A young woman named Greta (Lauren Cohan, played roles in Walking Dead, Chuck and Supernatural) from Montana, escapes from her former lover who is very abusive and decides to accept a temporary nanny job for the Heelshire family. After she arrives at the Heelshire residence, formal introduction are made, with Mr. and Mrs. Heelshire before meeting their son Brahms.

Brahms is a porcelain doll and to Greta’s astonishment and amusement it is treated like a living child (some crazy stuff I tell you). When he was eight, the real Brahms perished in a fire. The Heelshires leave on holiday but not before Greta is made aware that Brahms has rejected many nannies already. Greta is given a list of rules to follow and a warning that Brahms is not a normal. (For crying out loud he’s not even alive let alone normal duuuuuh!)

Greta elects to disregard the rules and follows a fairly normal routine, she make friends with the Heelshires’ engaging grocery boy, Malcolm (Rupert Evans, played an FBI agent in Hellboy). Later as days progress, weird and crazy things start happening, sobs of a child are heard in the hallways, phone calls are disrupted or cut off and now the doll apparently moves on its own, vanishing and reappearing out of nowhere,(Houdini inspired hahaha). Cole who is Greta’s ex-boyfriend goes to fetch and try getting back with her, afterwards he destroys the porcelain doll, where an adult human Brahms manifests out of a broken and shattered mirror, with a mask on identical to the doll’s face.

Greta stabs and seemingly kills him. She then escapes with Malcolm and leaving the Heelshire estate. The film ends with a last glimpse of the repaired doll’s eyes, inferring that Brahms is still alive

The Boy wasn’t scary enough to win over hardcore horror fans, however its performance was quite good, I rate it 5/10. Do enjoy.

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