The Brothers Grimsby is a British spy action comedy Rated R film. The language in this film is STRONG as was directed by Louis Leterrier and written by Sacha Baron Cohen,

The film involves a British black-ops super-spy Sebastian Grimsby (Mark Strong from Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service) who’s reunited after a 28-year separation with long-lost brother, the idiotic Nobby (Sacha Baron Cohen) who is a football fanatic and who also deceives and rip-offs welfare. Sacha Baron Cohen is notably known for his lead roles in Borat and The Dictator

Now this estranged brother of a football fan with a perfect life and perfect girlfriend who is one of MI6’s deadliest assassins, must now team up with Nobby to save the world. The story is set in a somewhat unattractive place where poverty is rampant, football is the official faith almost everyone is overweight, drink and smokes excessively, even Nobby’s kid.  Some of his kids names are “Django Unchained,”  “Gangnam Style” and a “Luke” (for the fake leukemia the parents have the authorities believe the kid has, so they can get extra benefit, how despicable but hilarious).

Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was without a doubt the funniest man in Britain, until he toned it down quite a bit because the film industry and the social climate has changed, (everyone wants to be politically correct, which is messing everything up) there’s significantly less of the insightful sarcastic skewering that distinguished Baron Cohen’s early work.

What’s significantly absent in The Brothers Grimsby is any random interactions with unwary members of the public, that was rampant in Borat the comedy of spitefulness and sarcasm that was always his strongest suit.

My rating is 7/10. Adios, enjoy cracking your ribs.

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