Meet Christine Reade(Riley Keough), a drop-dead gorgeous Law student,interning in one of Chicago’s top law Firm. She pretty much has everything any normal person would ask for except ofcourse for the student loans part and the fact that she seems like she’s battling with a serious case of multiple personality disorder.

Christine,as she puts it, doesn’t like spending time with someone or on anything without benefiting from it and that’s why she doesn’t do relationships,”they are a waste of my time’..she says.

A friend introduces her to the world of “transactional relationships,” in which a greater level of intimacy and control sets it apart from traditional escort arrangements. This is a full-on package for one of her personalities,i assume. She loves the attention the men give her, the money and not to mention the sex! This however, does not come without its perks..obsessive clients, jealous friends,risk of exposure in her other work place, an extortionist handler and as if it couldn’t get any worse..blackmail!

I hate that it only runs for about 30 mins of which 5 to 10 are spent revising the previous episode and preparing you for the next..aren’t such series supposed to have an hour-long episode?Despite that tiny flaw,and that she ruined the ‘lady-on-top’ position for me, you’ll be glued to the screen from the first to the very last episode..

Season 1 complete with 13 eps.

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