The Originals Season Three Review

Review by Edwin Peter


When family calls you have to answer, which other vampire series is everyone in the world talking about apart from vampire diaries …The Originals ….

The Originals are back again in season 3! This time around it’s all about the past catching up with the present as the Michaelson’s family is caught in between their vampire friends whom they sired into their own bloodline …this time around things are a bit messy and out of hand as each member of the Michaelson’s gets to know about the prophecy which states that one shall fall by family, the other by thorn and friend. Eager from keeping the prophecy to pass, Nick Klause Mikaelson & Elijah Mikaelson are willing to leave no stone unturned as they look for bitter allies to help him fight Laura & his brother Triston from fulfilling a prophecy which will be able to destroy the Original Vampire family……My bet is that you don’t want to miss the intense war between the most viscous family of vampires as the come together to make the family stronger.

Rated: 9.1 out of 10

9 episodes completed.

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