The Oscars 2017 edition had a mixed bag of surprise winners, political innuendo  with a closing surprise winner-not-winner-new-winner on Best Picture.

No short of drama, the Oscars have on effect on movie reviewers: we have to watch ALL those nominated movies, determine to evaluate all those won and reach a conclusion as to whether the Academy Awards really represented the best movie awards of the year.

There were hints that the best picture, Moonlight, a depiction of the life of a gay young black man was acceptable for a winner. In my eyes, it seemed as if there were two plausible events that happened:

1. The presenter knew the winner of the award in advance, so the shock on being given a wrong card….

2. The announcer protested against Moonlight on principled (Christian?) grounds. Why? It took Lala Land team to announce the correct winners! Why not correct your own mess?

But we all know option no 3 happened? The wrong card was given out and all the melodrama was all….drama!

Seriously though, which movies deserved to win in the 2017 Academy Awards? When i look at the list there are some that instantly you realize this was a sure win. For example, Best Makeup and Costumes went to Suicide Squad. I mean, which other movie could have done more dramatic and colourful outfits? None. Clear winner.

Next clear winner was best animated film. Zootopia was on my mind and i was like like if Zootopia does win….and they won! Clear winner

Best picture should have been Hidden Figures. Anyone who has seen hidden figures will surely love this movie above all other movies of 2016. On what merit did Moonlight beat Hidden Figures? Strike 1

Let me get even more worked up and dare say they should have given Denzel Washington the Best Actor award for his role in fences. You might have seen all his past movies but on Fences he pulled it off brilliantly, even almost everyone who won that night passed a message to Denzel. He should have won. Strike 2.

The worst award was cinematography. This one went to Lala Land. I mean, comeon…what was special about la la land other than the night sky? I would put one serious contender for Best Cinematography and that was Hacksaw Ridge. Perfect scenes for day, night, blurred vision, movement, bullets and bombs exploding all around with a perfect focus on the star character.

On that note, let me sign off on the Oscars – it was a marathon watching all those movies!


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