“The Trump Card” is the fascinating title of Scandal’s season 5, episode 20. If you are like me, you probably tuned out of scandal after the scandals became too confusing, Olivia Pope seemed to have lost it with her abortion, and the entire pretentious immorality of Washington seemed to have become the norm.

Yes this episode is a reminder of what made Scandal, Scandal. It is fast paced, setting the stage for a political circus in determining who is going to be the presidential candidate in the US primaries, and putting up a twist in the tale in the entire story.

The good thing about this episode is that it does not focus on Olivia Pope at all. Yes, she covers almost 50% of screen time, but this time the focus is not on her. It is on her father manipulating people, and yet it does this in a more classy way than before…Jake comes on too weird as a VP candidate…but other than that, the episode is perfect.

More interesting even is the correlation with real life events happening right now in the US. Take for instance the title “Trump Card” – there is just too much resemblance to Donald Trump! Also, look at them having a black candidate – remember Ben Carson? – who made a speech on race ¬†and could only win the presidency if he didn’t appear ‘black’ to the american public – remember President Obama?

The interesting thing is Donald Trump is having a hard time right now choosing the VP – he just has no one from the other side to choose. A similar agenda plays out in Scandal, involving the female candidates, but of course, it is scandalous!

This episode might save the series from mediocrity and bring it back to being one of my favorite political dramas on TV given its ridiculous presidential run bordering on “Trump” reality.

Did you finish Scandal Season 5? Can’t wait to see the season finale. Hopefully season 6 will improve though.


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